Pinewood Studios based company providing natural set dressing for film and TV sets

We Are Here

Base of Operations

Pinewood Studios
Pinewood Road
Iver Heath
United Kingdom


Peter Hooper
T: 07768 254284


Justin Richards
T: 07725 161420


Head Office:
11 Abbey View Gardens
T: 01225 460701

Meet The Team

Greens Team is an owner managed company, established in 2007 by Peter Hooper and Jon Marson and brings together over 30 years experience and two lives led in landscaping and film.

jon marson greens team films sets

Jon Marson

Company Director (Jedi Master)

Drawing from his agricultural roots Jon has an expansive knowledge of the natural world. This body of knowledge twinned with his extensive experience in the film industry are constantly driving both Jon and Greens Team to deliver works of exceptional quality.

peter hooper greens team films sets

Peter Hooper

Company Director (Jedi Master)

With decades of experience working with landscapes and natural installations Peter has an an eye for detail like no other, his experience working with a vast array of species and biomes allows Peter to guide the team into nurturing every facet of a build into the best result possible.

justin richards greens team films sets

Justin Richards


To complete the management dynamic within Greens Team Justin brings his experience developing businesses to manage the needs of each project and the resources available. This keeps the planning of the work to a high standard and as such allowing set dressing and building to continue unhindered from start to finish.